About Cleveland

In studies conducted by The Economist in 2005, Cleveland, along with Pittsburgh, were ranked as the most livable cities in the United States, and the city was ranked as the best city for business meetings in the continental U.S. Coming from major cities of the US and other parts of the world, we look around and see a vibrant, elegant, and exciting city and indeed, a great place to live.

Cleveland metropolitan area is one of the safer and less polluted big cities in the US. Its cultural institutions are one of the best in the US (or one of the best in the world, in the case of the Cleveland Orchestra), with first rate museums, art galleries (partial list), and a great theater scene (here is a list) to complement the lively music scene. The entertainment scene makes people used to life in New York City happy, and the housing options are amazing (you can’t believe what you can afford here). There are several historical neighborhoods that have a distinct architectural identity and a cultural life of their own, and of course, there is the

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! There’s no traffic to speak of, and in addition to excellent educational and research institutions and the high-tech environment, Cleveland is home to one of the best health care systems in the world, the Cleveland Clinic.

While we hear much negativity about Cleveland’s weather, we don’t see much of a difference between the weather in Cleveland and New York City (or Tehran, for that matter). Cleveland has a gentle spring, a mild summer, a gorgeous fall with amazing colors, and the most beautiful snowy winters you can imagine with ski resorts within half hour driving, and there are abundant options for all sorts of outdoors activities and entertainment (here's another example) year round. While some might consider the snow a drag, we think the incredible scenery is well worth the trouble (which trouble?). In short, people who come to visit Cleveland leave highly impressed, or in our case, so impressed that they decide to stay.

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