June 2013: Valadkhan lab is featured in the journal Biotechniques in an article focusing on the long non-coding RNA field. See the article: Visiting “Noncodarnia”.

May 2013: Andrew Curtright joins the lab as a scientist.

April 2013: Valadkhan Lab is featured in the Nature magazine in an article about the scientists active in the field of long non-coding RNAs. See the article: RNA: The genome's rising stars.

February 2013: Mengdi Liu joins the lab as a graduate student.

January 2013: Valadkhan Lab is awarded a grant by the ALS Therapy Alliance for analysis of the function of a long non-coding RNA in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

December 2012: Valadkhan Lab formally joins the Department of Biochemistry, and relocates to a new (and improved!) laboratory in the Wood Medical Research Building, on the second floor.

October 2012: Hiroto Kambara is awarded another postdoctoral grant from the Kanae Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Science.

September 2012: Hiroto Kambara is named a Uehara Memorial Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow.

August 2012: Hiroto Kambara joins the lab as a postdoctoral scientist

February 2012: Fereshteh Jahaniani, a brilliant and creative former lab member, is joining Michael Snyder's group.

Our first paper on long non-coding RNAs, which is authored by Farshad Niazi and details a computational study on a database of functional long non-coding RNAs in mammalians, is in press in RNA. The database can be accessed by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

August 2011: Bing Zhang received a COF Scholarship from the State of Ohio for academic excellence.

June 2011: Saba chaired a session on RNA synthetic biology in the 16th annual meeting of the RNA Society, which was held in Kyoto, Japan.

May 2011: Saba's PhD advisor, Dr. James L. Manley, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

October 2010: Saba organized the 2010 Regional RNA Meeting of the MidWest (RRM) together with David Rueda.

October 2009: Saba and David Rueda were the co-chairs for the 2009 Regioal RNA Meeting of the MidWest (RRM).

October 2009: Yasaman Jaladat received an oral presentation award at the RRM 2009 meeting.

April 2009 - Caroline Lee was awarded a Silber Fellowship for initiating a cancer-related project in the lab.

November 2008 - Saba Valadkhan was interviewed on NPR about the research done in the lab. She also gave a "Science Cafe" talk in a downtown brewery to a crowd of over 250 people on the origin of life on Earth.

June 2007 - Sarah Geisler's project receives a Presidential Research Initiative Grant from Case Western.

January 2007 - Valadkhan Lab is featured on the cover of the annual Value of Research Publication of Case Western Reserve University.

December 2006 - Caroline Lee was awarded the competitive Phi Beta Kappa Research Grant!

December 2006 - Valadkhan Lab joined the Nanobiology Supergroup in Case Western Reserve University. Link to our webpage in the Nanobook of CWRU.

March 2006 - Saba Valadkhan receives Nsoroma Award from Cleveland Chapter of the National Technical Association.

October 2005 - Red Herring Magazine selected Saba Valadkhan as one of the top 10 " innovative scientists in the nation whose ideas could be the basis for next-generation companies".

February 2005 - Saba Valadkhan from Case Western Reserve University Wins the 2004 AAAS Young Scientist Grand Prize from the American Association for Advancement of Science. Here is the coverage by Case Western Reserve University and the ACES program.

June 2004 - Valadkhan Lab selected as a Searle Scholar lab.

May 2004 - Valadkhan Lab was offiially established.